About us

Exporting craft drinks from Czech Republic with passion and love

— Pavel Železný

Maybe it sounds banal, but a couple of years ago we fell in love with craft drinks from small manufacturers. It started with craft cider and unique apple juice, but when we felt that there was a need to offer people more than two products, we declared to ourselves that we want to sell Just Good Drinks - and so it happened! It sounds like a fairy tale, but in a pretty short time we met amazing people who produce fantastic beverages. We have chosen few original Czech brands that we believe complement each other well and create a portfolio that is stronger than each product separately. We try our best to pamper, promote and sell all of them as if they were our own products, our "babies".

Our vision, path and goals are simple:We want to help creating a strong alternative to common "supermarket" mainstream products. We think it's time when people should start buying something more than just nicely dyed water with lot of sugar wrapped in strong marketing with fictitious story of people who doesn't exist. We wish you the feeling when you taste an honest drink that doesn't contain anything unnecessary, nothing artificial or even harmful. - If we awaken in people the desire to indulge Just Good Drinks more often, we know we've succeeded.


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